Do you remember the last time when you enjoyed learning?
Let us show you how we imagine learning a new foreign language! ;)

Welcome to Langarnia!

Get ready

All you need is a wallet (address) registered on Cardano blockchain and a personal license (represented in an NFT) to start playing the game!

Start learing

Enjoy learning a foreign language while you are playing a 3D fantasy game online!

Take Exams

The game is continoulsy testing your knowledge, preparing you to successfully take international standard language exams!
(A1 / A2 / B1 / B2 / C1 / C2)

About Us

The Idea

When we came up with the idea of Langarnia, we both agreed that the key to successful learning is if one can find joy doing it so. Therefore, we created a colourful and interesting fantasy world where our students can stay motivated and curious playing through the upcoming adventures, meanwhile they are actually learning a new language.

The Team

We are an enthusiastic team with close to 20 years of experience in IT and teaching. We strongly believe in the importance of lifetime long studying. By creating this game we wanted to make it as easy as possible to get through the obstacles of familiarizing our students with the new grammatic challenges. As a plus, we also strongly believe in blockchain technologies and happy to take our part in getting people onboard.

The Story

Throughout the journey of the main character in this special world, the players can meet the residents living their daily lives in this imaginary environment. While doing so our students will pick up a common communication channel which lets them to dig deeper and deeper into mastering the chosen foreign language. Although our hero is facing some negative experiences also, we would like to emphasize that the game is 100% violence free, so small children can play with it safely. We, of course, are happy to have adults also in our student base. :)

License / Token


The game works with a license key (serial number) which is represented by an NFT that you can mint personally for yourself on the Cardano blockchain directly.
One such NFT grants you a lifetime access to this product.


As a plus the game recognises our token which can grant you extra features. These features will be completely independent from your studying process, means you are 100% okay with the license to learn languages.

Policy ID: 3cca0f8eb5f06599016f3b18be5405cccd80b7678bb595610b432225

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Policy ID: e7d3cd249ffd0d6c6d771f1a9bfd324de6573a5f18e47ae3a65f6a33

(While defining the future use cases (which are still in progress), the token has already one for sure. This is our official token and wanted to prevent scammers to create one before us and cause financial damage to others.)


Please don't mix up our license (NFT) with our token (FT)!
The two have two different purposes:

  • By minting your own personal license (NFT) inside the game represents that you are buying the game actually, like you would buy an app from any appstore. The license (NFT) is basically a unique serial number that you own.
  • There is no supply limit on licences as anyone can buy / mint it to play the game.

    After reading the above clarification, let's talk about the whitepaper of our token ($LANG):

  • We know that there are many scam-s and rug-s out there in the crypto world and also many projects that at the end never deliver their promised product and never create any use case to their tokens.
  • We have a different approach: we deliver first what we promise and only after we launch our token for sale.
  • Following this approach:
    - Yes, we have a token, the symbol / ticker is: $LANG
    - Yes, it is minted already, the contract is closed, cannot be changed anymore, the total supply is 1 million.
    - No, there is no use case for the token as of now, we are still brainstorming what use cases we would assign to the token on the top of the license.
    - No, we didn't create the official whitepaper document yet, as everything is in the works still.
    - No, we didn't start to sell any of our tokens yet (obviously). We will first define the use cases and actually deliver the functionalities, only after we will start the sale.
    - No, we didn't set up a Telegram / Discord chanel yet where people can ask 7/24 "wen moon?" ... :)

  • Gallery


    Past (2022 Q1 / Q2 / Q3)

    We have already completed the following steps:
  • The idea / the team / project planning
  • Branding
  • Reserving WWW domains and our ADA handle
  • Setting up the webservers
  • Developing the game engine
  • Integrating Google Cloud Services - don't worry we never ask / store / share any personal information.
  • Creating our token (FT) and alpha & beta licenses (NFT)
  • Integrating NMKR and BlockFrost into our game engine
  • Conducting the Alpha testing phase
  • Release the Beta version of our website
  • Creating our commercial licenses (NFT)

  • Present (2022 Q4)

    We are in the middle of these things right now:
  • Reaching the A1 level with our adventures and study material (English & German)
  • Ramping up to start developing study materials for our next language (Italian / French)
  • Ramping up for and conducting the Beta testing phase
  • Shaping up our Twitter account (@langarniaio)
  • Getting feedback from the Cardano community

  • Future (2023 - )

    These are our plans to get done:
  • Finishing our website
  • Reaching up to A2 / B1 / B2 / C1 / C2 level with our study material
  • Extending our study base with more languages
  • Ride to the sunset on beautiful unicorns and live happily ever after! :)

  • No, this project is not a scam, before you ask! :)

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    Developed by Zoltan Ferenczfi

    Copyright 2022 by Langarnia